Foam Warehouse NW
We Stock a large selection of foam
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Foam Warehouse NW
Located in Clackamas, OR

Foam Warehouse NW has one of the Northwest's largest selection of foam in stock! W
e design and cut foam for almost everything. So if you sit, lay, stand or jump on it, we can help provide the foam padding you need. We have an extensive selection of foams with a wide range of grades, densities, and firmnesses while providing to wholesale and retail customers. 

At our Clackamas location our team of foam experts can create many types of custom products. We can do everything from cutting, gluing and shredding, to slitting and fiber wrapping. We craft products for upholstery, camping, RV, boats, seat cushions, and bedding.  

Because of our nearly 20 years in the custom mattress business we're also able to create products from memory foam and convoluted (egg crate) foams. We have a large selection of fine materials to create your custom products.

Like our parent company, North America Mattress Corporation, Foam Warehouse NW is dedicated to integrity and quality. We have a long history of responding to customers' needs by creating the products you want. Great care is taken at every step of the process, providing our customers with high quality products made right here in America.

We can ship worldwide and deliver locally.

(Located in Clackamas just off I-205 on Hwy 212)
Located behind Techna Glass in the big grey building
11235 SE Hwy 212
Clackamas, OR 97015

Open Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Call for later appointment

Some of our recent work

Our In-house Upholstery team took this run down and cracked waiting room chair and brought it back to life. 

This custom cut out foam case

Circular cut-outs for speciality shipping

Boat Cushions 

Foam Chair with a round contour cut
Outdoor Lawn Furniture

Outdoor Lawn Furniture Pad
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